Expert legal advice on a full range of family legal matters.

Whether before, during or at the end of a relationship, legal advice is important.

We have a team of expert legal advisors who will deal with your family law matters in a sensitive, professional and efficient manner.

Family Matters
Family matters



Through our family solicitors in Hampshire and Wiltshire, we are very confident in our ability to help you with your family matters.

We are able to provide you with expert legal advice on a full range of family legal matters. We are aware that the increased stress in both working and domestic lives can cause family breakdown. When relationships come under pressure it affects various aspects of your life.

Children Issues

Cohabitation Disputes

Collaborative Agreements

Collaborative practice is an alternative way of resolving family law matters, including divorce, separation and parenting disputes. It recognises that one size does not fit all and allows for creative and flexible solutions to the legal, emotional and practical problems of a family breakdown. Our team of collaborative divorce solicitors in Wiltshire hold years of experience in the process.

For the lawyer, collaborative practice means a different way of working. At its simplest, the process is a four way deal between the two clients and their lawyers in a series of roundtable meetings. Other professionals, including Independent Financial Advisers and Family Therapists, can also be brought into negotiations when needed to provide a holistic service for separating couples.

The Collaborative Process

In the collaborative process, the couple themselves set the agenda. Their idea of a good outcome may be quite different from that of a mutual divorce lawyer or a judge who does not know the family and what makes it tick. Many couples feel that they do not want to run the risk of a court based solution, which does not tie in with their own sense of what is fair. The collaborative approach offers them the chance to put into action the belief that they themselves are the best judge of what is fair for their family.

Couples work with an expert

As the couple and their lawyers make an agreement not to go to court, there is no fallback option of starting court proceedings if agreement is not reached.  If they later decide that they want to use the courts, they will have to start again with a new legal team. Because of this, both clients and their lawyers make a huge investment in arriving at a negotiated outcome which increases the chances of success.

Collaborative lawyers have a relationship with their clients in which the client sets the agenda. Clients find that the collaborative approach helps reduce stress by allowing them to do things at their own pace and remain in control of a process which is often seen as alien and intimidating.

Our specialist mutual divorce lawyers in Wiltshire

We have a great team of collaborative divorce solicitors in Wiltshire. One of our leading solicitors, Charles Goodbody, is a trained collaborative family lawyer who will encourage clients to consider collaborative practice as a way of resolving family law matters; as well as giving consideration to the traditional Court based route or Family Mediation.

Divorce and Separation

We are here to help you to reach an agreement when dealing with finances as part of a relationship breakdown. As well as dealing with the issues that resolve property and where you are to live, a number of other issues usually arise in such circumstances.

If you are finding yourself in this situation then please do call us and we can help you.

We understand and appreciate that this is a very tough time, and we offer a free initial chat to help answer those questions that are causing you worry and anxiety. This chat also allows you to get to know us and trust us.We can help advise you along the way in the process of divorce or separation as to what is best for you and your family.


Every case is individual and every client will have different needs. We have the ability to be able to offer you a variety of options to help you to move forwards.

We can advise you on procedures for divorce which will end your marriage or civil partnership.


One of the biggest causes for concern in any relationship breakdown are finances. This can cause conflict, stress, worry and uncertainty. We can provide you with sensible advice on this. We can advise you as to what is fair, reasonable and most importantly what is achievable. Managing your expectations is crucial. We can advise you in respect of what happens to the family home, splitting of savings, pensions, debt, and maintenance.

If you are worried that your spouse may start to spend the family savings then please contact us immediately, steps can be taken to protect your marital assets.

You can read many articles online regarding divorce and separation but your case is unique to you. We can offer you advice on a large number of financial matters so please do contact us.

Separation Agreements

Not everyone wishes to proceed with divorce immediately and would rather deal with financial matters firstly with a view to divorce at some point in the future. We can help you negotiate a financial agreement with your spouse.

A Separation Agreement is not a court order so does not carry the same weight. However, it does show a court what your intentions are and can show a court in the future of what your intentions were in the event that there is a dispute.

Domestic Violence

Financial Resolution

Inheritance and Wills

Pre-Marriage Agreement

Family Mediation

Pensions & Military Pensions

We provide client focussed legal advice and assistance.

Our solicitors strive to deliver the best advice and assistance and an outstanding customer experience.

We serve our customers right the way across Wiltshire and Hampshire with offices in Warminster, Amesbury and Stockbridge.

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Just a short note to once again express my sincere thanks to you, Sue and the M&U team, for all your help, cooperation and first class professional support. I am most grateful to you all.

Chris Stephenson, Warminster

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