Price and service notice – Residential Property

December 2022

Our charges

We will provide you with a clear and accurate estimate of our charges in writing on application.

We aim to provide complete transparency in respect of the fees we charge.

Please note that an increase may be applied if the number of client meetings, volume of correspondence and telephone calls are excessive.

As a guide only our range of charges for the sale and purchase of standard properties which are registered at the Land Registry, are not listed buildings, have no apparent complex issues and which reflect the risk to the firm, are as follows:


Sale/Purchase price Freehold (+VAT) Leasehold (+VAT)
Sale Purchase Sale Purchase
£0 – 150,000 £900 £950 £1,050 £1,100
£150,001 – 200,000 £950 £1,025 £1,100 £1,150
£200,001 – 250,000 £1,000 £1,050 £1,150 £1,200
£250,001 – 300,000 £1,025 £1,100 £1,200 £1,225
£300,001 – 350,000 £1,100 £1,125 £1,225 £1,250
£350,001 – 400,000 £1,150 £1,200 £1,250 £1,350
£400,001 – 450,000 £1,200 £1,275 £1,275 £1,400
£450,001 – 500,000 £1,250 £1,400 £1,300 £1,500
£500,001 – 550,000 £1,350 £1,550 £1,350 £1,650
£550,001 – 600,000 £1,400 £1,600 £1,425 £1,750
£600,001 – 650,000 £1,450 £1,650 £1,450 £1,850
£650,001 – 700,000 £1,500 £1,700 £1,550 £1,950
£700,000 + POA. Generally 0.25% POA. Generally 0.3%
Transfer of Equity Mortgage against property No mortgage against property
Freehold (+VAT) Leasehold (+VAT) Freehold (+VAT) Leasehold (+VAT)
£750 £850 £650 £750


Freehold (+VAT) Leasehold (+VAT)
£650 £725
Transfer of Equity

& ReMortgage

Mortgage against property No mortgage against property
Freehold (+VAT) Leasehold (+VAT) Freehold (+VAT) Leasehold (+VAT)
POA but from £950 POA but from £1,100 POA but from £800 POA but from £900


Additional Charges (plus VAT)
New Build £300
HTB Equity Loan or Shared Ownership £500
HTB ISA (per ISA) £50
HTB Redemption only (no further borrowing) £525
HTB Redemption (with sale/re-mortgage) £350
Freehold with Management Company £100
Declaration of Trust £250 – 350 depending on complexity
Unregistered Property £150
Transfer of Part £125
Solar Panels/Septic Tank £75
Statutory Declaration/Statement of Truth £75
Bespoke Indemnity Policy £75
Deed of Variation £100


If a matter or transaction does not reach a conclusion, we reserve the right to charge for the work done, using our normal charging basis as follows:

  Fee Earner Hourly Rate 
  Solicitor-Advocate (Advocacy & Preparation therefor) £250 – 270
  Partner (Member)

  Senior Solicitors with over 15 years’ experience



 Solicitors, members of CILEX and other fee earners with over 8 years’ experience £240
  Solicitors and members of CILEX 

  Other fee earners with over 4 years’ experience 



  Paralegals & Trainee Solicitors £195
  Support Staff £110


 This applies even where an estimate has been agreed for the whole matter.

Our charges do not include VAT, which we will add to your bill at the prevailing rate.


Even where we have provided an estimate of our charges, we would usually expect to incur certain expenses on your behalf which we will also add to your bill. The amount of expenses can vary and the following is an estimate only:

Expense Estimated amount VAT chargeable
Land Registry fees £3 – £20 no
Freeholder/Management Company fee £350+ yes 
Indemnity Insurance premium for such things as defective title, missing building regulation documents Premium will depend on risk


Expense Estimated amount VAT Chargeable
Search pack £300 approx. yes
Land Registry and Bankruptcy searches £10 approx. no
Land Registration fee This varies according to value – see the land Registry’s online calculator at 
Stamp Duty Land Tax This varies according to value and status – see 
Notification of transfer to 3rd party £50 – £250 yes
Deed of Covenant or certificate of compliance £150 – £350 yes


Additional costs

The ‘Estimated total legal costs’ shown above assumes that the property to be sold is registered at the Land Registry with no unusual related issues. Additional amounts may be payable for our charges and/or expenses and some examples are as follows:

Issue Cost
Dealing with unregistered land From £150 + VAT calculated on our hourly rate
Arranging Indemnity Insurance £75 + VAT for each policy
Purchase in the name of a limited company From £100 + VAT + Companies House fees
Help to Buy – additional documentation From £350 + VAT
Property subject to a tenancy From £150 + VAT
Property with solar panels From £250 + VAT
Lender with separate solicitor or dealing with more than one lender From £100 + VAT
Use of Help to Buy ISA From £75 + VAT
Declaration of Trust to reflect contribution of each party From £250 + VAT
Gifted deposit – source of funds check From £50 + VAT

Likely timescale and key stages

Completion of property transactions are often dependent on matters beyond our control. For example, a purchase may depend on the issue of a mortgage offer from a lender or the seller’s related purchase. You will be advised of any likely delay by us, your mortgage broker or estate agent. 

Our Terms and Conditions set out details of our complaints procedure.


We provide client focussed legal advice and assistance.

Our solicitors strive to deliver the best advice and assistance and an outstanding customer experience.

We serve our customers right the way across Wiltshire and Hampshire with offices in Warminster, Amesbury and Stockbridge.

Enquire about our services today.

Just a short note to once again express my sincere thanks to you, Sue and the M&U team, for all your help, cooperation and first class professional support. I am most grateful to you all.

Chris Stephenson, Warminster

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