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Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Tenant

Your Rights And Responsibilities As A Tenant | Middletons Solicitors

When you rent a property you have a number of rights but you also take on a number of responsibilities. It is important you understand what these rights and responsibilities are so you can behave as a responsible tenant, whilst also making sure your landlord behaves within the law.

If you or your landlord act outside of the law, there may be a dispute between you and this could result in court action to resolve it.

Your Rights
• Your deposit should be paid into a deposit protection scheme by your landlord. This means that if there is a dispute about its return at the end of your lease, there is an independent third party to resolve the dispute
• To live in peace – your landlord cannot just ‘pop in’. If he or she wants to come and inspect the property, they must inform you of when and what time they will be coming round
• To live in a well maintained property
• To be protected from unfair eviction or unfair rent rises
Sometimes, a landlord will not honour these rights. Where this happens, you can seek legal advice about how to enforce your rights.

Your Responsibilities
• Pay your rent on time – this is essential to maintain a good relationship with your landlord
• Pay all bills on time. The landlord will not be happy with being chased for any debts you have built up whilst living in the property
• Treat the property with care and report any problems to your landlord. This will give them the opportunity to put things right for you and repair any defects in the property that would deteriorate with time and therefore cost more
• Do not leave the property empty for long periods. If you do need to go away, inform your landlord
• Give notice properly when you want to end your tenancy or you may be liable for rent even though you have moved out
When you avoid these responsibilities, disputes can easily arise and if you are breaching the terms of your tenancy agreement, you could even be taken to court and evicted. This is costly for your landlord and could potentially leave you homeless with a judgment against you, so you should think carefully about the implications of a dispute with your landlord.
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