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What are the key things to include in a will?

There are a number of things you need to include when writing a will. With the help of one of our friendly and approachable legal specialists, you can rest assured everything will be covered.

Wills & Probate

We take a look at the important things to include when writing a will:

Writing a will and what to include


An executor is the person, or people, in charge of sorting out the estate. If this is required they have to apply for the Grant of Probate, ensuring that the best price for assets is obtained. While many presume that a professional executor is required, this isn’t always the case. In fact, you can appoint the same people who are benefitting from the estate as executors.


If there are children under 18 years old involved, provision should be made for guardians to take care of the children if neither parent is alive. It’s a good idea to discuss with those you are considering appointing as a guardian due to the nature of this role.


If you are thinking of leaving money or a percentage of your estate to charity, this must be done via a legally binding will.

Legacy Gifts

If you would like to leave a specific amount of money, an item of jewellery or another special item to someone, these must be stated as legacy gifts. When included in a will, they will be legally binding and given to the person before dealing with the residue of the estate.

Funeral Arrangements

Although not legally binding, funeral arrangements made in a will are an expression of wish. Many people state whether they would like to be buried or cremated, although, it is not necessary to state either way. Instead, inform your family of your wishes, as while including this detail in your will can be helpful, it can sometimes be overlooked.

Administrative Provisions

This gives the executors the power they need to administer the estate correctly.


This is a key part of the will, in order for it to be valid. These words reflect the person writing the will, signing it in front of two independent witnesses.


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