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Do I Need A Solicitor For A Commercial Dispute

With the news that commercial disputes are on the rise as a result of the recession, what should you do if you are facing a commercial dispute and should you engage the services of a solicitor to help you?

You will obviously be worried if you are faced with a commercial dispute. It could be that you are in dispute with a company or individual or that someone has raised a dispute against you. Whatever the circumstances, you need to consider all of the benefits and drawbacks of instructing a solicitor.
The biggest potential drawback in using a solicitor will always be cost. However, the benefits of having an experienced commercial solicitor on your side will usually far outweigh the costs. You will almost certainly bring the dispute to a close with a better outcome as a result of having a solicitor represent you and often in a much faster time too.
There are additional benefits, apart from a better settlement, when using a solicitor in a commercial dispute. If you are raising a dispute, the law requires you to detail the grounds for your case. It is important to get this right at the start of your claim otherwise you may jeopardise your case and a solicitor will be well versed in drafting this type of document and will be able to use their experience to your benefit.
Another benefit to using a solicitor in a commercial dispute will be the sheer amount of time you will save by not dealing with the dispute yourself. You will be able to entrust your lawyer to take on the case, advise you about the likelihood of success and then allow them to get on with resolving your dispute with little input from you. If you do not use a solicitor, it is likely to take up an awful lot of your time and energy, taking your focus away from your business.
In addition, by deciding not to use a solicitor in your commercial dispute, you face a mountain of procedures to wade through. This includes ensuring that paperwork is filed with the court, timelines are adhered to and the directions of the court are followed. If you do not follow these rules and procedures, your case may be struck out or you may face financial penalties. Using a solicitor who understands these processes will ensure that much of the procedural risk is removed.
In short, using a solicitor to assist you in a commercial dispute could certainly save you money in the long run.
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